I'd Rather Get Blisters
Tales of enduring pain and sorrow
for the love of the outdoors and family

by Steven Paul Barlow
illustrated by
David Harshberger 
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Steve Barlow's latest
collection of humorous 
outdoor stories,
I'd Rather Get Blisters is 
in stock now.  

This 250-page, soft-cover
edition contains 54 short
stories by outdoor humorist
Steven Paul Barlow along
with 10 delightful black and
white illustrations by noted artist David Harshberger.  Stories were orginally published as magazine columns by Game & Fish Publications.  If you enjoyed his first book, you're sure to love this one.

$14.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

My Brushes With Death
And Other Outdoor Blunders
A Family Man's Guide to Hunting and Fishing Woe

by Steven Paul Barlow
illustrated by David Harshberger

   Required reading for hunters and fishermen
   In this humorous collection of 50 of his favorite Parting Line magazine columns originally published by Game & Fish Publications, Steven Paul Barlow takes you along on frenzied family campouts and disaster-filled weekend hunting and fishing trips.  Follow his mishaps as he struggles to find a balance between family responsibilities and his yearning for outdoor adventure.
   Great bathroom book.  Read it front to back or choose a tale for a quick snicker.
  My Brushes With Death And Other Outdoor Blunders will provide hours of amusement.   218 pages.  Hardcover.  Makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.   $19.95, plus $4.00 shipping & handling.
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