We are beginning to offer a small, but select assortment of outdoor equipment for you to purchase -- some of the essentials for your kit when you take to the outdoors.  Check back with us soon to see more new offerings.

Outdoor Gear
Make Your Own
Alcohol Stove
With Pot Stand
   Lightweight stove
for backpackers and
day hikers with included fuel bottle and a cook pot support.  
  Click to go to Alcohol Stove page.

Fire Steel with Striker

Modern version of flint and steel, but this is much easier to use.  Just scrape the striker along the magnesium rod to produce a shower of sparks onto your tinder or fuel bar.  A must for every survival kit.  By Mil-Spec.  $7.00  


Click on the photo to go to our choices in compasses and handheld GPS units.

Tools and Knives

Click on the photo to go to our Leatherman multitools and knives by Gerber, Kershaw and Buck.

Sport Bottles
      Stay hydrated with these 1-quart water bottles for your favorite beverages.  BPA-free, so they're safe to use.  Available only in green or blue.  State color.  $6.00 each

Nylon Rope

1/4-inch by 50 feet
850 lbs.tensile strength
Available only in desert digital color (pictured above right).   $6.00 

Wire Saw

Excellent addition to your survival kit.  Put fingers through rings or attach to flexible branch to improvise you own bow saw.  $6.00
G.I. Can Openers

Tuck a couple of these away
in your cook kit, so you 
always have a way to 
open that can of beans.
3 for $1.00
Cameras and Optics

Click on the photo to go to 
our new selection of cameras,
and binoculars.

Stainless Steel
Carabiner Mug

The folding carabiner handle clips easily to your pack or belt.  $6.00
Mil-Spec Plus
G.I. Style Poncho

Waterproofed nylon.  Much better than
those cheap vinyl ponchos.  Covers you
and your daypack.  With snaps and
grommets.  Rig it into a shelter, use it
as a ground cloth or simply drape it over
a log for a dry place to sit.  Comes in
handy storage pouch.  This poncho is an
essential for your ready kit.  Olive drab
only in stock at this time.  $16.00
50-Feet of 550 Cord
by Mil-Spec Plus

Super strong, military style
7-strand para cord with a 
tensile strength of 550 lbs.
Rig a lean-to shelter, tie 
gear to your pack, hang
your food bag in a tree -- 
dozens of uses for this essential piece of survival gear.  You can strip out individual strands for emergency lacing or fishing line.  Olive drab only currently in stock.  $6.00
Voodoo brand 
Water Bladder

Drinking tube is protected
with Coyote brown cloth.
Includes both bite valve and
shut-off valve.  Drop it in your
pack and run the tube along
a shoulder strap of your pack
to stay hydrated on the move.

Briar Hill Books
Good reading and good gear
for your next outdoor adventure.