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   This 218-page hardcover collection of 50 humorous short stories has become a favorite of outdoorsmen across the country.  If you already own a copy of this book, now is the time to order some at this great price for your friends and family.  Order now and you'll get a copy of 
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   Follow Steve Barlow's misadventures as he goes on family camping trips, solo deer hunts, and backcountry fishing excursions.  Read it front to back or choose a tale for a quick snicker.  My Brushes With Death and Other Outdoor Blunders will provide hours of amusement.   
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My Brushes With Death
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I'd Rather Get Blisters
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I'd Rather Get Blisters
by Steven Paul Barlow

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   I'd Rather Get Blisters is the newest collection
of outdoor humor by Steven Paul Barlow, delightfully
illustrated by David Harshberger.
   I'd Rather Get Blisters is the second
collection of humorous hunting and fishing stories
originally published as Parting Line magazine columns
in the back of the northern and southern editions
of Game & Fish Publications.  This 250-page collection
includes some of Steven Paul Barlow's most amusing
work and is being offered first in a more economical
soft-cover edition.  Inside are 54 of Barlow's best
stories along with 10 black and white illustrations
by noted artist David Harshberger.  

   This book is not yet offered in stores or on any other website.  Order your copies now.  This book makes the perfect gift for those you love who love the outdoors.  Because it's being offered first in a 6x9 inch soft-cover edition, it costs just $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

   Yes, send me I'd Rather Get Blisters, Steven Paul Barlow's latest collection of humorous outdoor tales.

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